Today I Saved a Green Job!

Tonight the President will address the nation, for the umpteenth time, about jobs, or more properly, the lack of jobs. There is good bit of speculation out there over what exactly he can say that he hasn’t already said before. You may remember from past speeches that he has relied heavily in these addresses on so-called Green Jobs as the ultimate panacea for our struggling economy and its resultant high unemployment rate.

 Will the President once again go to the Green well? Will he tell us about how Government Motors managed to sell a whole 125 Chevy Volts last month?

I kind of doubt it, but just in case, lets examine some of the facts about the Green Economy compliments of CFACT’s Marc Morano.

See the video here:

Is anyone really surprised?

Oh, I almost forgot. That Green job I saved today? Well, I did stop at Home Depot to buy grass seed and fertilizer for my currently underemployed, college educated yard guy! That’s a Green Job, right?