Today I Saved a Green Job!

Tonight the President will address the nation, for the umpteenth time, about jobs, or more properly, the lack of jobs. There is good bit of speculation out there over what exactly he can say that he hasn’t already said before. You may remember from past speeches that he has relied heavily in these addresses on so-called Green Jobs as the ultimate panacea for our struggling economy and its resultant high unemployment rate.

 Will the President once again go to the Green well? Will he tell us about how Government Motors managed to sell a whole 125 Chevy Volts last month?

I kind of doubt it, but just in case, lets examine some of the facts about the Green Economy compliments of CFACT’s Marc Morano.

See the video here:

Is anyone really surprised?

Oh, I almost forgot. That Green job I saved today? Well, I did stop at Home Depot to buy grass seed and fertilizer for my currently underemployed, college educated yard guy! That’s a Green Job, right?


23 thoughts on “Today I Saved a Green Job!

  1. First, let me compliment you on saving a green job, Sgt (not a) Relic. Not everyone can say that, you know. Second, CFACT is an interesting organization (explored that first). Third, Mr. Morano doesn’t stand a chance. Too logical. And finally, the Resident is going to hit all the emotional and illogical points we have come to expect. Personally, I don’t intend to watch. I will search for a written transcript tomorrow morning.

    Great intro post, Sgt (not a) Relic.

    • It turns out that the speech was just a repackage of his 2009 version. What will this be? Great-Great-Grandson of Stimulus?

      So, a trillion dollar stimulus didn’t work, but a half trillion dollar stimulus is gonna’ knock it out of the park?

      These stimulus packages are starting look like the Freddie Kruger franchise!

  2. Well, hell, I helped save the planet that evening. I turned off the tv as the prexy and TOTUS started. A bucketload of kwh saved.

  3. Yeah, Bat Ears doesn’t have any new ammo in his belt. He was issued blank rounds, and doesn’t understand they won’t do anything against the economic Bradley Vehicle mowing him down.

    He’s a One Trick Pony.

    He’s so locked into his ideology he can’t conceive of doing anything else. Now would he want to, because it would mean disavowing his Marxist philosophy. He’s going to go down swinging.

    In a way, you have to envy that kind of dedication to a set of principles; too bad they’re not the RIGHT principles, and also too bad we don’t have a bunch of people on our side standing just as firmly.

    • Ya’ know, for a guy who seems to stay permanently on vacation, he has managed to create a crippling chaos in record time. I suppose it’s easier if what you do doesn’t actually have to work.

      Take his jobs bill, for example. Turns out, it’s nothing but a tax bill! Just another booby-trap for unwary republicans. But of course, it is put forward with the same tired old sense of immediacy we have come expect from Obama.

      Pass it now! Don’t bother reading it, we haven’t written it yet!

      Our side of the aisle operates under a bit of a handicap since we tend to throw them out of office when what they do doesn’t work. (There are exceptions:evidence Juan McAmnesty)

      I shudder to think what this guy will try and get away with when he’s a lame duck!

  4. Sorry for interrupting, folks. Have to put up a post with new email address, we changed ISPs. May have to subscribe a second time as I don’t want to miss any of Sgt (not a) Relic’s posts.

  5. Hi Sgt. Relic,
    Mrs. Al told me you had moved over here from TH as I have done. Glad you have.
    I just love those green jobs he “creates” that cost $5million per job. What a deal. What a steal. Of our tax payer money. It’s all about his agenda and “GREEN” jobs and I’m starting to get sick of seeing the color. Have you noticed lately how many commercials are including the color “green” in their ads? It makes ya want to puke.

    • Hey, Pep

      I finally got disgusted with TH’s inability, or more likely, lack of interest in fixing my blog. I figured it was time to move on.

      Of course, it is the AGW alarmists that are driving the “green” bus. Politicians and corporations and just trying to cash in on the ignorance.

      As I see it, there are only a couple of things standing in the way of Obama’s green future, physics, and economics.

      Expect more bankruptcies.

  6. Sarge, I just posted a new essay at my place; swing on by.

    Hey, what’s with the second location at Blogspot? Why two? And why won’t the other one let me post any comments?

    • Brian,

      I set up both sites for purposes of testing. I’m still trying to get a feel for which I like best. At some point I will probably drop one. So far, WordPress seems to be the better site for moderation. Video handling is poor without paying extra, not so Blogger.

      It’s a work in progress.

      I’m not sure why Blogger is giving you a problem commenting since I don’t have that one set for moderation. You comment at Gunny’s place, right?

      Do you have a Blogspot login? I have my comments set to allow logins from Google, OpenID, etc, but I don’t allow anonymous comments.

      • No, I don’t have a Blogspot logon, and it won’t let me do a URL logon like I can here.

        I tried Google, but for some reason it won’t recognize me or allow comments or something. Sometimes, websites act in goofy ways I can’t understand.

        I have absolutely no prob logging in at Gunny’s or Craw’s, though. But they have that “URL logon” option active.

  7. Brian,

    I changed the settings over at Blogger, so you should now be able to comment there.

    This kind of thing was why I started both sites. I wanted to test the strengths and weaknesses of both before getting too committed to one or the other. Worpress has the superior comment moderation function, although, it is more complicated to use for page formatting. I’ve had to dust off some skills I haven’t used in a while.

    Blogger uses a simple drag and drop feature for page formatting. Video handling is also simpler since it will accept html from nearly any source without fee. Comment moderation, as I’m finding out, forces the blogger to open up to all comments and then resort to moderating every comment, where WordPress is a once approved, always approved function.

    Mrs. AL is correct about your already having a site set up. I too had gotten a Blogspot logon about the same time and had forgotten about it until I decided to make the move.

    I’ve had my mother visiting this week so there hasn’t been much time to work on this stuff. I probably won’t get down to business until we get back from the Outer Banks at the end of the month.

    • nothin’ serious is wrong. i pinched a nerve in my neck thereby reducing myself to hunt n’ peck typing. the doc says maybe another week before i can return to spending time using a computer keyboard.

      it’s nothing new. it happens several times a year. just arthritis and age piling on to youthful indiscretions.

      upside. great drugs!!! lol!

      • Too funny, Sgt (not a) Relic. Won’t ask about the youthful indiscretions — haha
        Take care and will be patiently waiting for your return.

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