So Long Townhall!

Having finally taken the not so subtle hint from the folks at, namely the inability of TH tech to fix my blogroll(inop since the big change over in 2008). I still can’t add or remove blogger links, including a couple that have DIED!

Add to that the total cessation of my ability to post, and it will become obvious, even to trolls, who by the way will not be granted access to this blog, that the time to move on has come.

I have established new blogs both here and at Blogspot, and at least for the time being, I will be posting the same content in both places until I decide which I like better.

That’s about it. More to come. That is, after I manage to tweak both sites to suit my tastes!


9 thoughts on “So Long Townhall!

  1. Found You! Yea. Ok, will change your address to this one at my place for now. Read at blogspot that you haven’t settled on a permanent home yet. That’s cool.

    • Well at least you have the knowledge to really work on these sites. In reality, it was in visiting Interfaces’s site here that convinced me to come to WP. Interface, of course like you, actually knows what he’s doing. Me, I can only manage basics. Still trying to figure out what a “widget” is !

      As for life intruding … golly isn’t that what makes it exciting? Clearly leftist/liberals can’t handle “intrusions.” haha

      I have a short little dittie up a my place now. It’s probably not what folks expect from me. That’s ok.

  2. Welcome, Sarge, to WordPress. I left TH, its trolls and its no-longer-managed or supervised blogsite awhile back, and am glad to have done so. Please let me know at my site where you decide to land, so I can properly blogroll you.

  3. Yep, that about sums up my disgust with TH as well Sarge. I haven’t posted at blogspot for a while but I’m gittin used to it here and so far I like it. Look forward to your next post.


    • Hi, Jev!

      It’s a real shame that TH let the backroom blogs go to the dogs, or maybe I should say, trolls. But, Hey, it’s their website. It’s not like I was paying them for the blog.

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